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5 benefits of early years day care for your child

Parents get a lot of benefits from sending their children to day care centres. They can have the facility look over their children, while they are out for work or doing other things to finance their family’s needs. Aside from this, parents can let their kids expand their educational learning and experience being around other kids. In short, early years day care facilities can give excellent opportunities to both parents and children.

It’s important that you choose carefully where your child takes learning programmes. Remember, sending them off to pre-school will help them a lot with their mental and emotional growth, which can help them prepare for grade school years.

Here are other important reasons why you need to take your child to day care centres:

1. Improve emotional and social skills – If you take your child to kindy day care with high-quality learning programmes, you can expect that they will experience remarkable growth. Day care centres help nurture and improve your child’s talents as well as their behaviour.

Also, your child will learn how to trust other people and how to get along well with other kids, their teachers, and other parents. The teachers will help your child develop emotional and social skills as well. They teach your child to learn how to make social and emotional connections with other people, which will be very useful as they grow up.

2. Learn how to handle responsibilities – Early years day care centres can help children learn how to become independent. They are taught to be more responsible with their own well-being and are introduced to the thought of helping other people.

These facilities do not focus solely on improving a child’s academic skills. They emphasize on teaching kids how to apply skills which they can use in real life.

3. Experience fun learning activities – Daycare programs often introduce kids to a new environment where they will follow a structured learning technique along with other kids. It helps children have a better understanding about the importance of following schedules, organising their surroundings, and even making new friends. read more

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The importance of an environmental management system in your business

An environmental management system is an essential part of the company’s overall performance. Thus, many universities are improving their environmental management training courses. With this, the students that will soon become part of any companies will have an up to date knowledge about right tools and equipment for effectively managing an environmental system.

To achieve a healthy environment, the company should have an organizational structure, implementations, and resources for developing and maintaining a company’s environmental policy. One good way to do those is by having an environmental management system. This will be a useful tool to help your business improve and thrive without damaging the environment.

environmental management training courses

What is the role of an environmental manager?

The environmental management system addresses the issues, such as energy conservation, with the help of an environmental manager who is equipped with the right knowledge in this system. They review the company’s environmental goals and keep track of its progress.

One example of this is monitoring the waste disposal in the company, the environmental manager keeps tabs of record if it is properly implemented or not. They will then know who is following the proper waste management and who is not. With this, they can implement proper sanctions for those individuals or evaluate a solution to the problem.

The environmental manager helps in processing, monitoring, reviewing and improving an organization’s environmental goals. One of their agendas is creating projects that will help your company become environmental-friendly. They also help the employees enhance their awareness of environmental issues in the area. See here at Absorb Environmental

Thus, sending your managers to seminars and any related training and events that involve environmental issues will help them gain access to the latest information. You can also give them access to courses, such as environmental courses Darwin training centres provide, which caters to environmental science-related disciplines learning. read more

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Fascinating benefits of eco toys for your toddlers

Do you want to get the best toys to make your kids happy? Know more about eco toys and how your kids can benefit from them! Of course, your children can enjoy them as much as they want while they learn many things. And these are environment-friendly toys that children can appreciate too, such as those available at today.

Perks of eco toys to you, your kids and to the environment

Wondering why you should get eco toys for your kids? Here are its few fascinating perks:

  1. Environment and nature lessons

First, eco toys can teach your kids a lot about nature. For example, you can purchase an underwater-themed jigsaw puzzle which features facts about marine life. It introduces different underwater species to your kids, or teach vital lessons such as the roles of coral reefs under the sea.

Aside from introducing environmental sciences to kids, it can encourage them to appreciate nature as well. Following the example earlier, you can come up with some stories or conversations about marine life while solving the puzzle with your kids. That’s when you can tell about the welfare of marine life, and how your kids can help by recycling.

  1. Boost early childhood development

Environmental lessons from eco toys can help your kids learn bits about biology, and that’s great to improve their knowledge about science and nature. Aside from it, such toys can boost essential development among kids as well. For example, it can develop their creativity and imagination, such as in playing with coloured wooden blocks. In addition, it can also boost their emotional and social aspect as they play with other kids.

It’s important, however, to find educational eco toys to help with your kids’ early childhood developments. And you can purchase some from Rainbow Fun today.

  1. Safe for toddlers

Unlike common toys, eco toys don’t have features that can harm children. Thus, you don’t have to worry about their safety. For example, these toys are made from natural materials, which keep toxic chemicals away from your little kids. In addition, eco toys don’t have small parts which kids can possibly swallow. read more


The Most Popular Lego Toy Sets of All Time

Lego is a universally popular toy brand that has earned the nod for “best toy of the century” for two centuries in a row! This definitely speaks to the popularity and longevity of this toy brand, which also makes it one of the most loved toys. In fact, even adults have come to adore this toy brand with many collecting a wide range of the Lego toy sets that are released from time to time. The Lego Batman series is one of the most recent additions into the brand’s long line of toy sets to choose from. Before you buy Lego Batman toys, check out this list of the most popular Lego toy sets of all time. If you are an avid collector, you need to have these in your collection.

Star Wars Lego

This is without a doubt the most popular Lego theme sets of all time. With this set, kids will be able to recreate the fantasy world of Star Wars. From spacecrafts, to Death Star gunners, and other objects ready for battle, it is a staple in kids’ playrooms.

Superman: Battle of Smallville

Superman’s popularity has never waned throughout the years; in fact, Superman is one of the most recognizable superheroes in the animated world. Hence, reliving the world of Smallville through this fun lego set never loses its appeal.

Lego Mindstorm

This Lego themed set debuted in the market in 1998. Since then, it has been one of the top-selling themed sets from Lego to date. This was groundbreaking as it was one of the first few toys to combine a construction toy series with robotics. Hence, it is not just a recreational toy but also an educational one.

Lego Batman

The popularity of the dark knight as a hero combined with the selling power of the Lego brand, no kid (or adult) could resist the urge to buy Lego Batman toys. The recent release of the Lego Batman movie also adds to the popularity of this set. If you are a fan of both of these franchises (Batman and Lego), it’s a sin to not have this toy!

Lego Nexo Knights

The Lego themed toy based on an animated television series is another popular theme from the Lego brand. When you buy Lego Nexo Knights Australia has today, you can re-live the medieval yet futuristic world of this famous animated series. Any fan of the series should get themselves a set of the Lego Nexo Knights Australia currently offers. read more


Guide to Buying Dart Online

Dart is a popular game played all over the world. It has been offering fun and recreational pastime for over 100 years now across the various social classes. Traditionally a pub game, dart has evolved into an international professionally competitive sport. The game usually involves two players, or two teams of players with three darts each, which are aimed at a dartboard during each round. Many people today are finding it daunting to choose dart boards in the market as there are hundreds of styles to choose from both on dart board online stores and physical stores. This article focuses on some of the key things to be considered in making an online darts purchase.

Dart weight

Darts come in a variety of different weights. Generally, they are made in weights varying from 12 grams to 50 grams. For newbies, the dart board online experts recommend weight between 18 to 20 grams. Darts are normally weighted by the amount of tungsten they contain, with the more the tungsten, the heavier the weight. The heavier the dart is, the harder and faster a player must throw the dart for accurate flight and vice versa.

Dart shaft

The shaft is what connects the tip to the wings or feathers. They also come in a variety of lengths with the longer shafts offering more stability to the throw. The stores which sell dart board online in NSW recommend longer shafts too for players that are relatively new in the game or those that have straight throws. Shafts come in different materials, including plastics, metal shafts, and composite and spinning dart shafts.

Dart grip

The grip is where the dart is held by the fingers, thus should always be comfortable to the player. You can find grips that are smooth and those that are grooved. The moderately grooved grips are the most common and easiest to grip. Experienced players prefer thinner grips as these allow them to group darts closer together without interfering with each other. Pool Room Supplies

Dart flights

Flights affect the accuracy of the darts’ action through the air. They come smooth, rough or dimpled. A smooth flight will enable accurate speed of the dart through the air when thrown while the dimpled ones will slow the dart speed through the air while increasing its stability. Also, when you get your NSW dart board online, ensure flights in the dart are large as the larger the size of a flight, the more stable it will be through the air. read more

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The Main Benefits of Undertaking PRINCE2 Training Courses in Sydney

PRINCE2 can make a great deal of difference to any project you are dealing with and in any type of industry. It is a methodology that is widely recognized and widely used and offers project teams a common vocabulary through which they can effectively communicate during projects. The PRINCE2 methodology also offers a clear-cut recognition of the various project responsibilities of various participants involved in the execution of any kind of project. Each of the participants in the project will be able to understand their roles and there is a defined structure in the PRINCE2 methodology that ensures delegation, authority, communication and accountability. It is these advantages that now drive many project teams to undertake PRINCE2 Sydney training courses in order to equip themselves with the requisite skills.

Prince2 Sydney

The PRINCE2 development was initially driven by feedback that was provided by the end users as well as project management specialists. It has been refined over the years and it currently has a review panel of 150 private as well as public organizations. The result has been generic best practice methods that are flexible and can easily be tailored to suit specific organizations of various organizations that are involved in the projects.

The PRINCE2 methodology offers compatibility with many other project management qualifications which are currently in existence. It offers a technical structure of the project framework and this can seamlessly complement the softer skills which have been attained through other project management qualifications.

Qualification Scheme

Through PRINCE2 in Sydney training courses, users can go through three levels of qualifications. These include the PRINCE2 Foundation, PRINCE2 Practitioner and the PRINCE2 Professional Courses. The PRINCE2 training Sydney courses are generally aimed at the project managers as well as anyone in project management roles.

Here are some of the benefits of PRINCE2 Sydney training courses for delegates who undertake these courses: read more

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Learning Thai Language From the Best in the Business

Learning a foreign language can be a huge asset. In particular, if you have plans to live in a country different than yours, either for a short period or longer, knowledge of the local language offers great benefits. Irrespective of whether you stay is for education purposes or with a view to doing business there, you will overcome many handicaps if you learn the language locally spoken. If it is Thailand that you are planning to make your home for some time, learn Thai language in a good institute that specialises in teaching languages.

Who All Should Sign up and Why

If this question is hovering in your mind, whether you should be one of the right candidates for enrolling in an institute which is providing Thai lessons, consider the following. If you are planning to take up higher education in Bangkok or any other city in Thailand, you will be better off learning the language, because in your day to day interactions with your fellow students at the university, you may have to speak in the local language only. When you are going to spend 1 or 2 years living in the country, you may have to go shopping and even deal with small shopkeepers away from the cities. All these people may be able to speak only in Thai and not know any other language.

If you plan to start a business in Thailand, or if you have been posted in the country by your company to work for an extended period also it is quite useful to learn Thai language.

Where to Learn from

The next obvious step would be to pick the right institution to join and learn the language. If you are in Bangkok, you can look for such places where the Thai language classes are being run regularly. You need to first check if the location of the Institute will suit you from the view point of commuting to and fro for the classes from wherever you are located. If the place is close to a BTS station and is in the centre of Bangkok, you would prefer that. You will also have to be sure that they offer flexible timings so that if you are working and also learning the language, it allows you the freedom to choose convenient timings for the classes. read more

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How to Play Real Money Online Pokies in Australia

Pokies are some of the most popular gambling games in Australia. Almost on a daily basis, Australians flock to bars and casinos to play on the slot machines. The pokies games in Australia are always lot of fun and also highly creative. You could also win easily and make lots of money in the process. Thanks to the popularity of the slot machines, it is no surprise that online poker machines have become increasingly popular with many Australians too. If you want to join the pokies games, you can check out the various online poker machines by Best Casino Source website that gives you list of some of the most popular online poker websites amongst which are loved by Australians.

Pokies is generally a game of chance. In order to win the game, you have to match various reels of symbols. In the older pokies, the reels can be either three of five. However, with the current pokies that you are likely to find in the online poker machines by Best Casino Source, there are numerous paylines that the player has to match which can go up to 50. In the more modern games, the traditional paylines concept does not even count and the Australian poker players instead use the “winning ways” concept. In this case, you can have thousands of possible combinations that you can play to win with.

If you are playing for real money, there is vast range to wager on every spin that you undertake. People can play pokies based on various denominations including a cent, two cents, and even 25 cents amongst others. Online pokies that you are likely to find in the online poker machines by Best Casino Source allow players to play using various stakes. If you have mastered the game, you will be able to customize as you like.

The amount that you wager on every spin can be changed in various ways. For example, every spin can be played for a given coins number that can be anywhere from one coin to five coins. The value of a single coin is the machine denomination that you are playing. Apart from the spins, a player can also choose to play anywhere from a single line to a certain maximum number of lines. You will play every line for the coin amount that you have chosen. read more

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Amusement Ride Hire in Melbourne – Adding Fun to the Event

Organising any social event, where children would also be participating, is never complete without some amusement rides to keep the kids busy. There are rides for the whole family to enjoy as well. Amusement rides can actually be hired from agencies, which specialise in offering their services in this sector. You can select and order the amusement ride hire in Melbourne from the agency, and they will take care of the rest.

Selecting the Rides from the Range Available

When you browse through the catalogue of the rides made available by the hiring agency, you would find some exciting options there. They would categorise them as thrilling rides; they are usually the motorised rides with cars rotating horizontally and can carry 20 to 24 people. This thrills the kids and teenagers. The popular Ferris Wheel or the ‘Cha-Cha’ could also be chosen and hired so that families can enjoy the rides at the event. Besides these, there would be the inflatable slides and other inflatable amusement options for the kids. Whichever rides you choose, you will have to first consider many factors before the final arrangements can be made at the venue of the event you propose to hold. The agency handling amusement ride hire in Melbourne will first want to inspect the place and ensure that the rides you wish to hire can be accommodated and the other resources are in place.

Keep Changing the Rides

All said and done, if you are the organiser of the event, the choices you make for the amusement rides could come in for a lot of praise from the people who enjoy the ride or draw a lot of flak if the rides are not so amusing. So what can you do to make everyone happy?

The first thing you could do is to perhaps rope in a couple of families and a few kids to get some ideas on which are the rides they will find amusing and thrilling and which ones have been often repeated and have lost the novelty. Of course, as indicated, the fitness of the location to suit all the rides you wish to hire has to be determined. read more

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NLP Practitioner Training – The Neuro Linguistic Skills You Will Always Need

There is a large school of thought, which believes that human beings can become masters of their own destiny if they learn the techniques to control their mind and body. There are many training courses offered to improve the personality of individuals and to acquire some soft skills to manage their lives and career in a better manner. Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is one such technique, if learnt and practised, can lift the person’s confidence levels multi-fold. If you are keen to undergo nlp practitioner training in a well established institution, learn a lot more about how the training is structured and how one can benefit from it.

More Details on NLP and its Direct Benefits

It is a known fact that the cognitive functions within the human system are controlled by the millions of messages that are carried to the brain and back by the neurons which connect the different vital organs of the body. NLP basically tries to address this aspect, and a typical training course on NLP will teach the students on how traits like body language and communication skills can transform a person into a confident and successful personality, within a short period. One has to first learn the nuances of the techniques being taught and practice it in day to day situations. One can avoid many conflicts and feel very peaceful within and go ahead and achieve all their objectives in their lives and career. It would not come as a surprise to learn that many top business enterprises send their senior managerial and supervisory staff to attend these courses and go through the nlp practitioner training course.

Focus on Communications and Building Relationships

In normal personal life and in a business environment, it is the quality of relationships that people can build which will provide them with an extra impetus. Such relationships are in turn built through closer interactions and communications, and the ability to win over people. The training course, therefore, includes all these aspects and more in the course contents. read more


Why Should You Consider a Career in Massage Therapy?

Are you looking to pursue a career in the field of massage therapy? This is a fast growing career opportunity that provides a lot of employment possibilities. But in order to become a certified massage therapist, it is important that you complete a massage course so you can acquire the needed skills and knowledge to provide efficient massage services. If you are still contemplating a career as a massage therapist, below are promising reasons that will convince you to finally take the plunge. It is a rewarding experience when you help other people. When you provide a massage therapy for your clients, they will walk out of the service feeling good from outside and the inside. Massage offers a wide range of health, therapeutic and mental benefits. Stress is often neglected or overlooked in today’s modern and fast-paced world. But a good massage therapist can relieve clients off that stress and make them feel good from the inside-out. You can also provide that calming experience to your clients. Aside from making them feel better with a massage, this type of job can help you become a calming tool for your clients. The spa environment is also a relaxing place to be in. Hence, you will not feel any source of stress while on the job. There is no pressure and you can even interact with a wide range of people. It can be therapeutic for the masseuse as well. Contrary to popular belief, the one who receives the massage is not the only one who gets to experience the benefits of a massage. If you are a massage therapist, you will also experience a sense of relief and therapeutic benefits from giving a massage. What You Need to Know Before a Massage Course As mentioned above, you need to complete a massage course before you can take on this career path. The course is a vital prerequisite to ensure that you can provide the full benefits of massage to your clients and to ensure their safety as well. A course will also involve actual massage training so you can adopt the techniques you’ve learned in theory during your classes. All courses are governed and instructed by an experienced and expert masseuse so you can develop the right skills. The success of your course will vary according to the quality of the school and the instructor, as well as your own skill level. You need to determine your current skill level as far as massage is concerned. Only then are you able to choose a course, whether you would like to pursue a beginner’s or advanced massage course. If you have no idea what course is right for you, you can speak to a representative from the school you are considering to enroll from. They will be happy to provide you assistance when it comes to finding a course that best suits your needs. To start with, you can explore the courses available at Sage Institute of Massage is a renowned institution offering courses in massage therapy in Brisbane area.

Aged Care is a Rewarding and Also a Challenging Profession

Caring for the aged is a noble task, and at the same time a difficult one too. You should be capable of identifying their needs as the task becomes all the more challenging if the aged person is bedridden or afflicted by conditions like Alzheimer or Dementia. At the same time, caring for the aged is a specialized job. In fact, you can even consider aged care as a profession by taking up dedicated Aged Care Courses from reputable institutions.

A Challenging and Rewarding Profession

Aged people need your care the way you care for your toddlers.  They need your support even for their routine activities like bathing, combing, and dressing. Considering from this point of view, aged care could be regarded as a challenging and also a rewarding profession. At the same time, it gives you the satisfaction of giving a helping hand to the aged person.

Look for Recognized Institution

Your efficiency as an aged care professional largely depends on the quality of training which that you have undergone. This necessarily implies that you should take up the Aged Care Courses from a recognized institution. Some of the aspects that you should consider before taking up the course are explained below:

  • The institution offering Aged Care Courses should have accreditation from the appropriate government agency or institution. The institution should have a structured course content drawn by experts in the field of the aged care health program.
  • The institution conducting the program should have adequately qualified and experienced staff. Further, it should have every infrastructure necessary for conducting the course and should also give you enough hands-on exercises. In order to provide such exercises, some institutions even mock the ailments. Their training program helps you to understand the type of care needed by the aged and those who are afflicted by the particular illness.
  • The courses are conducted under different levels like certificate IV course as well as diploma course. In addition to this, specialized courses are conducted for taking care of people affected by dementia and such other problems. The course content should be such that it should impart enough training on handling emergent situations.
  • In some cases, you may be asked to take care of the aged in their home rather than getting them to the aged care home center. In such cases, you may have to even prepare their food and may even have to go shopping to purchase their essential items. Therefore, the course content should deal with the important elements involved in the residential care and home care.
  • read more

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    Consider These Factors Before You Hire a Marquee

    When planning an event, it is important that you get things right from the start. For example, hiring a marquee can be a critical factor in determining the success of your business. However, a slight mistake in the selection of a marquee can also spell disaster for your event. For that reason, it is advisable to get support from reliable companies for party hire in Sydney.

    Whether you are planning a wedding ceremony, business conference, or anniversary party for your grandparents, the following points are necessary to consider when hiring marquees. With proper planning and support from certified companies for party hire in Sydney, you can actually make a lively event with a lasting impression in the hearts of your guests.

    Choose Your Marquees According to the Number of Guests

    It is possible that all your invited guests will turn up for the function. Similarly, a few of the invited guests might not have the opportunity to attend. Therefore, it is advisable to work with the number of expected guests. You either work with the exact number of guests or put a few extra spaces. Hosting an event where your guests are crowded can be quite uncomfortable as they rub shoulders in every space. Alternatively, having a bigger size of marquee than the number of guests brings no good impression.

    Knowing the number of your expected visitors helps you work closely with your preferred company for event planning to get the desired size of a marquee for your event. Experts in event planning suggest that knowing the number of guests that will attend is the first step in the hiring process.

    Do Not Wait Until Last Minute to Book

    You cannot just throw things together the last minute and expect success. For example, if you are booking in a busy season or in the summer, you may end up getting a wrong size of a marquee or find out that all are fully-booked. Even if you are able to see many marquees in a hiring company, those may have been booked earlier as well. It is also advisable to book yours in advance before it is too late. read more


    4 Handy Tips for Organizing the Perfect Neighborhood Clean Up Crew

    Neighborhood cleanups are typically organized by nonprofit organizations, schools, and other youth groups. If you have been noticing a fare amount of trash floating around your neighborhood after a party, holiday season or natural disaster, do not hesitate to ask around and organize your own neighborhood cleanup committee. The following checklist helps you get organized with materials like commercial bins and gloves for your DIY cleaning project.

    commercial bins

    Rallying People

    With busy work schedules, it might not be easy for you to coordinate with your entire neighborhood on one particular day. The best method is personal and requires a bit of walking around and visiting your neighbors door-to-door. Take a signboard and write down the names of all the adults and kids who would be willing to help you and figure out a day or a few days where it would be convenient for certain groups to help you clean. Since you will need equipment like commercial bins, you can raise money for it or ask around if anyone already has one or knows where one can be rented. Usually, if you ask youth groups in your locality, they may already have commercial recycling bins at their club houses.

    Create A Checklist

    An organized event would be nothing if not for the existence of a checklist. Keep a check board with all your lists which include people’s names, the days they are volunteering, phone numbers of adults who have committed to help you and emergency numbers in case you may require help. You will also need to make a checklist of equipment like pickup sticks, garbage bags, large commercial bins, gloves and bottles of water to keep everyone hydrated. If you live near a busy intersection or highway, you may also require precautions like safety signs, reflector vests, and first-aid supplies. Make sure you have the correct tools and buckets to keep sharp objects away from roads and walkways.

    Correct Disposal

    Cleaning up requires proper methods of disposal as well. By purchasing bins like small wheelie bins for sale at your local hardware or builders shops, it will make your life easier while you move from lane to lane in your neighborhood. Make sure if you find any sharp, toxic or recyclable objects to place all items in the correct bins. read more

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    How to Evaluate Each Venue in Brisbane and Make the Right Decision

    When organizing for an event in Brisbane, there are many decisions you are confronted with. One of these critical decisions is the location of the event. While all the other factors including entertainment, decorations and food are significantly important, the venue sets scene for the event. Therefore, the venue Brisbane option you choose has to portray the right message in line with the objective of the event. There are many event venues in Brisbane and making the choice can be a bit confusing. It can be hard to know what exactly to look for when selecting a venue. This article will help you to evaluate each venue you have in mind and help you choose the best events venue Brisbane has to offer.


    As a cost-conscious event planner, you want to keep the cost of the venue low to allow more room in your budget for entertainment and food. So have a clear budget before you venture out into the search. The location of the venue will determine its cost. For instance, venues located in high-end parts of Brisbane will be costly. Prices will also be high during certain days of the week or of the year when the demand is high. You need to be flexible on the date if you want a less expensive offer.


    Pay close attention on the decorations inside the venue. What does the building interior and architecture convey? For instance, a weddings Brisbane venue will have a different ambiance from that of a fundraiser. Keep in mind that the less ambient the venue the more the decorating you need to do to make up for it. This means an extra cost.

    Amenities and services

    Make sure you evaluate the amenities and services provided in the venue. You might need to share office space with other organizers of the event, so do they have such a space? Do they have a kitchen that can provide the specific type of food you want for your event? Do they provide tables, chairs and tents? Do they have audio-visual equipment and a setup/clean-up crew? A venue with these facilities will help to minimize cost and save you the time and hassle of looking for other service providers. read more